Friday, March 23, 2012

Upcoming RPLND

Before I get into it, I wanted to respond to Jack (I tried to in the comments and it was being dumb and not letting me reply for some reason):

First "what I took" during chemo.  The only thing I took aside from what my onco prescribed was Vitamin E.  Someone on the forums recommended it, and I cleared it with my Dr.  Basically I did 800 IU a day during round 1 every day, and upped it by 400 IU each round.  Honestly I can't say for sure it did anything. However, the one day I didn't take it my fingers flared up and hurt bad so who knows.

As for follow up treatment it seems like, from the NCCN guidelines, that the first "Stage" of treatment is pretty straight forward at least in my case.  So I felt comfortable with a local onco as long as they followed NCCN and I did shoot Dr. E an email and he recommended the same.  After that though there were many branching ways I could move forward and for those decisions I really wanted to get the top people ie Indiana or Sloan involved.  Since I decided to go RPLND (Wasn't much choice per Dr. E to be honest) I wanted Dr. Foster so that's who I got luckily!

Now for all you out there wondering, YES I am getting an RPLND.  I have it scheduled for next month in Indiana with Dr. Foster.  Dr. Einhorn didn't really give me much option, with 2 nodes at ~4.5cm unchanged through all 3 rounds of chemo he said they need to come out.  The could just be scar tissue, but they could also be teratoma or worse and the RPLND is the only way to know.  While I am not looking forward to the surgery, or its recovery, or the ramifications of complications from it I do have one of if not THE top surgeon which makes me feel much better. The statistics for "curative" treatment from a 3xBEP chemo followed by an RPLND also make me very hopeful.  So fingers crossed for teratoma or necrotic tissue only (just the latter would be awesome too).

I do plan to post my experience with the RPLND and Indiana/the trip etc at some point.  If I don't' feel up to it during/after maybe after I have recovered a bit.  I am hoping for the best, but still apprehensive of the path ahead. All I can do is tackle each thing that comes before me and try and make the best of it.... and that's what I plan to do!  I will say its hard to believe that its only been less than 4 months since I found out I had cancer, so much has happen and I have gone through so many things... Hopefully this RPLND, while scary and a big thing, can be the final chapter in the story for me and I can move on.


  1. Hello Mike;

    Thank you for your response.

    I believe you will have a very successful RPLND surgery and this will be the last and final chapter in that story. Indiana is believed to be mecca. All my and family's prayers will be for you.


  2. I love you son. Your family is here to support you and you are constantly in our thoughts. Things will go well in Indiana. Keep up the fight!

  3. What, I only qualify as a 'someone' from the forums? ;) BTW, just for those looking at taking Vitamin E, the clinical trials with it were done at just 400 IU/day. Not that more is worse, just a note.

    Mike, glad you are going to see Dr. Foster. He is definitely good at what he does, and you can rest well that you in the hands of one of the best in the world. I'll be keeping tabs on you success!

    Best wishes,

    1. Ha, well next time I will give you a better shout out for your advice.